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Lottery affiliate programs

If you are interested in earning commission by promoting various international lotteries, consider joining Lottarewards.



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We have been promoting Lottarewards' brands for a number of years and continue to see exceptional conversions and commission income.

For us, conversions and stable commission income is the most important factor when we evaluate affiliate programs. Our Lottarewards commission is always stable and growing, which indicates that lottery players are very happy with the service they are receiving from PlayUKInternet.

Lottarewards is part of the PlayUKInternet group. PlayUKInternet has been providing a lottery ticket intermediary service for more than 10 years. PlayUKInternet has customers from all over the world.

The Lottarewards team supports their affiliates with professionalism and integrity. We continue to receive affiliate commission payments on time. We also continue to be very impressed with the email support we receive from Lottarewards.

PlayUKInternet constantly encourages their customers to buy lottery tickets. They send out high quality email newsletters on a daily basis to all their customers. Their website is very easy to use, and they use all major social media channels.

Customers can purchase lottery tickets using various options. One option that is really appealing to affiliates, is the multiplier feature. Customers can choose to double, triple or quadruple their lottery prizes. This means PlayUKInternet can charge a customer more for a lottery ticket. This extra charge will result in extra commission for lottery affiliates. The multiplier feature also entails that PlayUKInternet will, at their own expense, pay a customer double, triple or quadruple the lottery prize won. This should give you an indication of how large and stable PlayUKInternet is, as they are in the position to multiply lottery prizes.

The Lottarewards terms and conditions are favorable. Affiliates can earn commission of up to 38% of PlayUKInternet's gross margin. PlayUKInternet's gross margin is very near to the lottery ticket sales price advertised on their website.

The Lottarewards affiliate program is available in the following languages: English, Polish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Czech and French.

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